Wbr 1310 not updating firmware

Picking a Wi Fi channel is not always a simple task.

The Dlink WBR-1310 has a web interface for configuration.According to D-Link's website, this router would no longer be supported after January 2012 and the year reset to 2002 (valid year is 2002-2012).The D-link router needs to be a DHCP-client to the ISP's DHCP-server.If you are still using this model, when the DHCP lease expires, your router will no longer be serving the correct date and will need to be replaced.DD-WRT isn't an option because this model isn't supported.Found my way around to D-Link's emulator page for this router.support.dlink.com/emulators/wbr1310_rev B/202/Looks like you're right. I can't find DHCP reservation settings anywhere either. Definitely avoiding dlink like the plague when I buy a new one. I just updated my firmware, and on that page, all I see is "Router Settings", "DHCP Server Settings", and "Dynamic DHCP Client List". It seems I didn't get what I paid for with this free router. Your best bet would be to see if you can run an alternate firmware on the device, such as DD-WRT or Open WRT or Tomato. I have WPA-2 enabled, and my SSID is unhidden/broadcasting. However, a model # is necessary to give you proper steps to configuring static IPs for devices on your network. As best I can tell, there's no configuration for that particular model to have DHCP reservations.1 again to Darth Android, and congrats to him on 10k!Most routers (WRB-1310 included) have a "firmware upgrade" function built-in to the web interface.

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