Validating information on web sites

It is estimated that more than 173 million users every month access VSN websites that contain, among other information, credible vaccine safety information.

WHO evaluates candidate websites using criteria defined by the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety – an independent, authoritative and scientific committee that advises the Organization on vaccine safety issues of global or regional concern that could impact national immunization programmes.

The network is also expanding its evaluation criteria to cover social media channels.

These guidelines identify best-practices and techniques that enable people with disabilities equal-access to web content.

Reviewing these linked sites will yield a "deeper, broader set of perspectives." In the case of the student researching the Holocaust, the information came from a source that appeared to be credible—a professor at Northwestern University, Arthur Butz.

"But when you do the link command," November said, "you see lots of other Web sites, like the Baltimore County Police Hate Directory, that explain that Arthur Butz is a revisionist historian." The link command is only one way to validate information on the Internet.

Advice is provided to help you evaluate web content and decide if it's suitable for your research and study purposes .

The same is true when parents and caregivers are seeking credible information about whether vaccines are safe for their children.

However, finding that information often isn't easy.

"Do you know how to teach children to cross-reference over the Internet? Copy the address of the Web site you're on, he instructed. Type link: in the search box, paste the Web address after the colon, and click on Search.

"Alta Vista then gives you a list of Web sites linked in to the one you're looking at," he said.

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