Validating eurail pass in italy

I want to start using the pass when we travel from Bacharach to Berlin (so, for traveling from Frankfurt to Bacharach I'll buy normal tickets). My question is: can be the pass validated two days before first trip, or this must be done in the day of first trip?

Italia is the exclusive online provider of Italian train tickets and rail passes outside Italy, and are experts in European train travel.

About receiving your pass: After you buy your pass from an outfit like Rail Europe, which you can do online, it will be delivered to you via UPS or other trackable delivery.

A railway official will then activate your Eurail Pass by filling in the start and end date of your pass, as well as your passport number.

It must be activated within 11 months of the issuing date.

You can get your pass activated for free at a European train station, or when you place your order at (also for free). Activate your Eurail Pass for free at a European train station.

Once your request is received in our office, we will exchange the pass.

You need to activate your Eurail Pass before you can start using it.

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