Updating solaris 10 Mira24 webcam

With the reboot, it might take up to one hour and a half as the luupgrade process is time-consuming. Should I do the Live Upgrade without the reboot for the pre-upgrade patches (142909-17, 137137-09) so I can do the lucreate/luupgrade/luactivate while the server is running and have 5 minutes downtime or do the reboot after the patches and accept that downtime might take up to 2 hours.

You can do it with a single reboot but it is not advised.

Using Live Upgrade reduces the downtime that is required to upgrade the Oracle Solaris OS.

Also, Live Upgrade can prevent problems with upgrading.

requires users to obtain a WSKey to run the software.

Before downloading EZproxy, please request your WSKey.

To request and obtain a Key, please see How to Request a WSKey.

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The copy can be upgraded and then a reboot switches the upgraded copy to become the currently running system.

For example, if you previously installed the End User Oracle Solaris Software Group on your system, you cannot use the upgrade option to upgrade to the Developer Oracle Solaris Software Group.

However, during the upgrade, you can add software to the system that is not part of the currently installed software group.

Before you install and use Live Upgrade, become familiar with these requirements.

Live Upgrade is included in the Oracle Solaris software.

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