Updating my avg

An anti-virus program is a crucial part of any company's computer security setup, but whichever tool you choose it's only as good as its most recent update -- having the latest virus definitions installed is essential in spotting new threats and dangers from the Web.

If AVG Anti Virus' regular update function has been disabled or interrupted, the root cause of the issue could lie with the AVG program itself or something else installed on your system.

After researching my account she advised me that AVG had no record of my cancellation.

We bought this for my husband's computer 2 years ago and got notification that we were up for renewal. Finally had to use AVG Remover to remove update and try again. She told me she would cancel the automatic renewal on two of my AVG subscriptions and promised she would send me an email confirming these cancellations within 5 to 10 minutes. So if you do not care to remember when your license expires and you do not announce them more than two weeks before, AVG COMPANY take your money from your own account for a new license, even if the new price is higher than what you originally paid.

We are attempting to get the credit card to reverse the charge but it's an ongoing battle that I shouldn't have to fight. Now if they said they could protect us from ** TRUMP the Bump I may have bought in, No such luck. But anyways politics aside she was suppose to be protected from anyone trying to hack into her outgoing /incoming data streams. The VPN turned our Verizon fiber 100k into 3-10K (if I am not mixing up K with Meg which I think I am).

What a joke of a company and a giant waste of my time. When I moved to France, I decided to upgrade on general principles - it seemed as though I was moving closer to known bad guys and I would be depending on my ability to use my laptop for work and to communicate with family and friends. First, it didn't seem to do any more for my machine than a combination of CCleaner and Microsoft's own utilities could do. But more annoying, endlessly annoying, are the pop ups from AVG's marketing people. Note: Because I use free AVG Antivirus, I guess you could say that myself and lots of other users have a somewhat 'personal' relationship with AVG [see words in 'certify' area]. Sorry I was a CE/CS/SQA engineer for years during the UNIX, VMS, Apple put 4 5 inch disks in to boot DAYS...

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