Updating kernel panic

Hi, I run into troubles with a Pi Zero W and Latest Raspbian.Please note that I'm pretty experienced with the PIs: I Use them since the first version, got several Pi Zero and another Pi Zero W from another retailer (this last one runs fine).in operating systems which are based on Unix, kernel panic problem is not end of everything (however there is another type of breaking which is dead of OS !! Kernel panic happens because of some hardware actions such as a lot CPU working when RAM is not enough or pluging and unpluging the hardwares a lot and etc.Software reasons that kernel panic happens are giving administrator access to many users or installing and removing packages and files more than normal.Wifi only, ethernet adapter only, ethernet over usb only: no change at all, always the crashes. I think your tests would rule out a faulty SD, so it must be the connector on the Pi itself...

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If you are Arch Linux user you may experienced kernel panic !either way, shoot an email to [email protected] they'll help you with this matter.I've got exactly the same problem and tried to contact Pimoroni twice without response yet. ;-) edit: I also tried with several (new and old) SD cards, all of them run flawlessly in a Pi 2 (using the same power supply). : Basically, this is one of the lowest level crashes that Mac OS X can experience.It's a dead-end hang for the kernel -- the crucial center of Mac OS X that handles various aspects of hardware/software interaction and system calls.In fact with software actions you make hardware problem and kernel panic happens for example you install graphic card driver in wrong way then you will find graphic problem and kernel can’t take it and get confused so kernel panic happens.These reasons were common reasons that kernel panic happens although it has other reasons !The kernel's interaction (direct or indirect) with virtually every application, connected device, processor, software cache, and network service, however make its crash suspects a broad bunch.As with many other Mac OS X troubleshooting techniques, its often easier to throw multiple relatively harmless solutions at the problem of repeated panics in the hopes that one or more will stick.Note: If you have some data which are important for you get backup from them when you “chroot” although nothing would happen !!If in the output you get error that a library or a package has problem you should reinstall that package/library, as an example the output found problem in a package/library which it’s name is unixmen so first we check if unixmen is in Pacman cache or not : Now if you had the compressed file in Pacman cache go and search that where should this library/package be by default, for example this unixmen is a library and it should be in /lib/unixmen now by the commands below put this library there and extract it : Now Take the DVD out from your DVD writer and let your computer to boot from your Hard Disk, while system is booting you will see : This means system is working correctly now and it will come up after about 1min and 30 seconds !!

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