Updating credit file

If, for example, an incorrect account number dispute results in the account being removed from your credit report because you verified the debt with the correct account number, then the provider (collection agency or creditor) will often update their records with the now-proven accurate information and report it correctly to the credit bureau in the following month.

Errors you can dispute that affect your credit score If you can dispute and correct any errors involving balances, payments and accounts, which are all factors that affect your credit score, it will most often result in a credit score bump.

You can monitor changes in your credit scores for free by using Credit or Credit which give you free access to your non-FICO credit scores.

That's especially true, she says, if you have a middle-of-the-road credit score and are hoping to take advantage of today's record-low interest rates.

What errors can removed from your credit report If any line entry reported on your credit report is legitimate and listed accurately (or can be verified by the provider that the information is accurate) then by law, you owe the debt and it cannot be removed from your credit report.

The only way it can come off your credit report is after 7 years (or 10 years in the case of some bankruptcies) have passed from the date of your last payment.

And if you need your credit score to increase so you can get approved for a loan or get a better interest rate, you're probably eager to see improvement soon.

Unfortunately, there’s really no way to predict how soon your credit score will go up or how much it will go up.

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