Updating awstats

This UK website is operated for the benefit of IEEE PES Surge Protective Devices Committee (SPDC) participants and surge protection stakeholders.

This page gives an overview of the topics dealt with and site activities.

So it looks like the tally is trying to calculate the stats.

So I did some more research on this topic and found out I could manualy update the stats by running: Now the stats of one domain work, and it is not updated again during the night.

There might be several reasons for your AWStats to stop working but let’s find here how you can restore the functionality on your VPS/Dedicated box with a few easy steps.

You need root access to the server for updating AWStats manually.

Can anyone point me into the right direction into solving this problem?

Even a workaround would be an option to write a script that fetches all the users and their domains subdomains to I can execute awstats_with that script. Well, quick and dirty solution : add /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/awstats_USER DOMAIN to the daily cron job for each domain where it is important. is there a way to debut why the tally doesn't work and the manual awstat input works ?

Excluded are interrupting devices with and without current-limiting ability.

Included is treatment of the following: Electrical events, such as lightning, can couple into metallic conductors and cause damage from the excessive system voltages and currents (surges) generated.

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