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However, not long after graduation, he disappeared.In 2008, Carrie joined the SCPD as a beat cop, eventually two years later becoming the SWAT unit's first female member.Originally broadcast on ABC on Saturday evenings at 10 p.m. Trevor Hale is attractive, witty, uncommonly intelligent—and he may be Cupid, the Greco-Roman god of erotic love. Trevor's insistence that he is Cupid lands him in a mental hospital, where he meets psychologist Claire Allen, a renowned authority on romance.Trevor tells Claire that he has been stripped of his godly powers by Zeus, and exiled from Mount Olympus as a punishment for arrogance.He spent the rest of his time hanging out, playing video games, and pining for his co-worker, Andi (Missy Peregrym).On Sam's 21st birthday, his parents behave very strangely, and Sam himself sees hellish visions and experiences odd events.

The best dating reality shows offer viewers the unique perspective of watching singles trying to find the perfect mate.

Cupid is an American comedy-drama series created by Rob Thomas, which featured Paula Marshall as Dr.

Claire Allen, a Chicago psychologist who is given charge of a man named Trevor Hale (Jeremy Piven). Olympus by Zeus to connect 100 couples without using his powers, as a punishment for his arrogance.

Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) lives at home with his parents (Andrew Airlie and Allison Hossack) in the Seattle area.

Sam dropped out of college ("It made him sleepy", his Mom explains) and took a dead-end job at the Work Bench, a home-repair superstore.

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