The use of lisrel in validating marketing constructs

We evaluated the proposed model empirically, applying survey data collected from m-payment users regarding their perceptions on mobile payment.

We also attempted to categorize m-payment users into early and late adopters and delineated the different factors for these two types of adoptors that affect their intention to use m-payment.

(translation from German)], and trust is a prerequisite of social behavior, especially regarding important decisions.

Survey data from 217 potential users support and extend this hypothesis.

Mobile payment is anticipated to enjoy a bright future.

Both tariff and non-tariff barriers are designed to increase cost of marketing by an overseas marketer.

Department of Innovation and Industrial Partnerships, Accra Institute of Technology, Ghana Journal of Business and Management Sciences. This study addresses this problem by applying empirical guidelines to determine the correct specification for the PPM framework, and uses an empirical illustration to demonstrate the potential consequence of misspecifying the PPM constructs in business.

Implications for research and practice are discussed.

With recent advances in mobile technologies, mobile commerce is having an increasingly profound impact on our daily lives, and beginning to offer interesting and advantageous new services.

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