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"I told him what had happened to me, and he said, ‘gee... I know what you’re going through, and I will help you out.’" Martino couldn’t talk him into anything straight away, so he began calling regularly, often just to chat.It was while this was going on that Joseph contracted MRSA, a multidrug-resistant infection he wasn’t expected to survive. Because I knew him well enough I told him what hospital I was in.If you have only ten subscribers, ten people caring about your business, then get to know those ten people.Reply to their emails, ask them questions, take an interest in them.By August 2007, complications prevented him from working at all — possibly forever.Joseph describes his mental state after yet another stint in rehab: “I’m moping, pretty much, and right around Christmas time I decided, you know, I’d better get my butt in gear and find something I can do from home.

As she passes, you notice her light, clean, unmistakable scent that you wish could last forever.Life Mastery – How To Unleash Your Hidden Potential And Achieve Everything You’ve Ever Wanted – My bestselling book is available on Amazon as a digital Kindle book and in paperback.Kindle Marketing Secrets – 33 Ways To Promote Your Kindle Book And Get More Sales – My bestselling book on Kindle Marketing is available on Amazon as a digital Kindle book.He laid there for an hour, unable to move, while his daughters watched television in the living room.By the time he was discovered, the damage had been done. Eventually, Joseph would make it back to work at his law firm, although he couldn’t keep up his old pace.When she happens to catch your eye, you realize that her beautiful face is beaming with the glow of a woman who is captivated by your presence as a man.And when you hold her, she settles into your grasp as if she hopes you will never let go. If she isn't yet, what is your plan for finding her?And when you do find her, how will you ATTRACT her and KEEP HER ATTRACTED?Even if you get her number, will she call you back?Because that’s exactly what everybody else won’t do (it’s not scalable, and it takes up too much time, and whatever other excuse they want to use).Doing this will separate you from your competition, and when the time comes for you to release your own product, your “true fans” will be excited to buy from you.

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