Teens and interracial dating

I live in New York City, a widely liberal city where seeing an interracial couple is no big deal.

It’s a commonplace sight and no one ever really has a problem with it, right?

Interracial Dating Dilemma: “Should I tell my parents?

” You should introduce your family to your sweetie.

If your parents have made it clear you’re not supposed to date outside of your group, you’re not alone.

Mixed heritage dating is not as black and white as it seems.

There are Africans opposed to their kids marrying African-Americans and any combination of interracial, inter-ethnic and interfaith love challenges. The family is opposed to faceless stereotypes of the forbidden races rather than to specific people.

I am concerned by the fact that it would be a biracial relationship (we live in the south); the fact that he has a history of being a “player”; he is very mature (sexually) for his age; as well as the fact that he has dumped her before.

I am worried that she would be willing to go back with someone who has hurt her more than once.

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