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She gives students a card so that, if they contemplate killing themselves, they can present it to almost anyone in the school — and find help.Six students presented the card by the end of a day at a South Bend high school two weeks ago, Gulbranson said. Often, she said, “You might see one student who's looking down or gets teary eyed.”School staff immediately put the students in touch with help.

Other teen suicide factors -- family breakup through divorce, alcohol or drug abuse, and family dysfunction -- are mentioned in all the major health organization publications as main factors in teen suicide.

Teenagers who obsess over their body image can experience stress due to trying to impress others, develop an eating disorder, and neglect, and even jeopardize, important aspects of their lives when they focus too much on their body image....

[tags: Psychology ] - Teenage Life "The best days of your life" they say, "what I wouldn't give to be your age again" they tell you. Unless teenage life has altered dramatically since their 'day' they surely must have been living in a parallel universe, because as most teenage kids will tell you, if this is the best it gets, why bother with the rest of it.

That doesn't surprise Barbara Gulbranson, director of the Suicide Prevention Center, which regularly goes into schools in St.

Joseph County to talk with kids about suicide and to break down the stigma.

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