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SQL Server also shows a red line under object names, though the created objects do exists in the database.This happens because the SQL Server Intelli Sense Local cache does not get refreshed very often.

In SQL Server 2008, Microsoft had introduced Intelli Sence feature in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).Another is where the completion list appears, but it does not contain the object(s) you're trying to use.SQL Server 2012 Books Online outlines a variety of other potential issues in the topic Troubleshooting Intelli Sense (SQL Server Management Studio).Note that most of these items are also applicable to previous versions.There are a couple of different symptoms that can lead you to believe that Intelli Sense is "not working." One is where the Intelli Sense features (auto-complete / list members / tool-tips / underlining invalid references) do not function at all.Intelli Sense can be a very powerful ally for the T-SQL developer.It can significantly reduce keystrokes, prevent you from guessing at object names, make sure you spell them correctly (and use the right case), and can help you understand the interface to several programmable entities such as stored procedures and built-in functions.SQL Server Intelli Sense is one of the smartest built-in tools to increase productivity while programming in SQL Server. Often, when we create new objects like tables, stored procedures, or triggers and try to use them instantly in another code, SQL Server Intelli Sense does not pick up those object names and their meta data quickly.This causes the need to type the object names manually.As a Developer or as a DBA you may face issues with Intelli Sence feature not to be working or not displaying latest scheme changes when you are writing TSQL code within the Query Window of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).In this tip we will take a look at the steps you can follow to quickly enable and refresh Intelli Sence in SSMS to resolve this issue of Intelli Sense not displaying latest schema changes.

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