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Younger teens are much more likely to say that they never send or receive text messages – 46% of 12 year-olds do not text; only 17% of 17 year-olds do not text.Girls are more likely to text than boys with 77% of all girls texting while 68% of boys do.Nothing in this chapter or in the contracting with community-based care providers for foster care and related services as specified in s. 409.987 shall be construed to remove or reduce the duty and responsibility of any person, including any employee of the community-based care provider, to report a suspected or actual case of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect or the sexual abuse of a child to the department’s central abuse hotline. (2) If an offender is released to a treatment program by the Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services and the date of release could not have been determined 45 days prior to release, registration shall be completed within 48 hours of determining the release date, or upon release, whichever is earlier, unless pursuant to § 4123 of this title, the Family Court has not required a juvenile adjudicated delinquent of a sex offense to register.(3) If an offender is attending school, the offender shall inform the principal of the school upon enrollment of the offender's registration, unless pursuant to § 4123 of this title, the Family Court has not required a juvenile adjudicated delinquent of a sex offense to register.An officer or employee of the judicial branch is not required to again provide notice of reasonable cause to suspect child abuse, abandonment, or neglect when that child is currently being investigated by the department, there is an existing dependency case, or the matter has previously been reported to the department, provided there is reasonable cause to believe the information is already known to the department.

Text messaging frequency increases as teens age – 35% of 12 year-olds say they text daily, while 54% of 14 year-olds and 70% of 17 year-olds text everyday.

This subsection shall apply to any sex offender who is sentenced to serve any portion of the sex offender's sentence at Level IV or V, unless such sentence is suspended in its entirety, in which case subsection (c) of this section shall apply.

The registration required by this subsection shall be required whenever the sex offender is released from any Level V facility to any Level IV facility, and again when the offender is released from the Level IV facility.

An officer or employee of a law enforcement agency is not required to provide notice to the department of reasonable cause to suspect child abuse by an adult other than a parent, legal custodian, caregiver, or other person responsible for the child’s welfare when the incident under investigation by the law enforcement agency was reported to law enforcement by the Central Abuse Hotline through the electronic transfer of the report or call.

The department’s Central Abuse Hotline is not required to electronically transfer calls and reports received pursuant to paragraph (2)(b) to the county sheriff’s office if the matter was initially reported to the department by the county sheriff’s office or another law enforcement agency.

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