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Alexander says it's inappropriate for kids to see and wanted to bring attention to it.

can’t help but chuckle over the stir that his company's sign is receiving. The barbershop sign actually reads "Unisex Barbershop," but according to the Warren Easley, the owner of Mister Easley's Unisex Barbershop, the sign is broken and the lights are out on the "uni" portion of the sign.

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This allows them to achieve success, have fun, make new friends, while promoting academic growth. Councilmember Yvette Alexander saw the sign that read "Sex Barbershop" and tweeted out a picture of it.When she drove by, she tweeted out a picture of the sign and a message, asking D. Alexander tells FOX 5 she didn't want kids to see the sign and wanted to make sure it was a legitimate business, but had no idea one tweet would cause such a stir.Homicide disproportionately affected young African American males; it was the leading cause of death among those aged 15–34 years.Public health authorities require accurate, timely, and comprehensive surveillance data to better understand and ultimately prevent the occurrence of violent deaths in the United States (2).Sure, they have scissors and clippers, but their weapon of choice is a straight razor.They’re old-school barbers who know their customers by first name and can provide you with a directory of local businesses. They’re staples of the community and pillars of the past.(AP) — Finding a place to get a haircut isn’t a problem — it’s THE problem.There are plenty of chain unisex hair salons along the Maryland-Delaware coast, but lost are the old-fashioned barbershops with the swirling red, white and blue poles that double as neighborhood hangouts. Stylists don’t use straight razors or offer shaves, and customers can’t sacrifice large chunks of their day. The Olde Tyme Barber Shop and Ray Perrone’s Barber Shop, separated by three blocks on Coastal Highway, are mainstays in the area because of their devotion to tradition.Workers for Yesco Sign and Lighting, on its first day of business, came out to the barbershop and fixed the sign on Friday.By SAM SPIEGELMAN The Daily Times of Salisbury OCEAN CITY, Md.

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