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Many of the words that start with ⟨x⟩ are of Greek origin, or standardized trademarks (Xerox) or acronyms (XC). XMIT for transmit, XFER for transfer), "cross-" (e.g.

Chinese names starting with Xi like Xiaomi or Xinjiang).

Now, applied to an invoice you might see terms of 2% 10th Prox, Net 20th Prox and wonder what it means either as a seller or a buyer. It means the invoice in question will receive a 2% discount if paid by the 10th of the following month [the 'next' 10th] and is due net on the 20th of the following month [the 'next' 20th of the month].

Oriente se puede interpretar de esta forma como una produccion que exhorta a aceptar la pluralidad cultural que define a la Espana contemporanea, cuya identidad nacional se encuentra en continuo proceso de transformacion y redefinicion a raiz de la interaccion y dialogo con otras culturas y sociedades.

Used in mathematics and logic to denote something that is known after a proof has been carried out.

In philosophy, used to denote something that can be known from empirical experience. Used in mathematics and logic to denote something that is known or postulated before a proof has been carried out.

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    If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

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