Promoting a dating site

While most dating sites focus on general audience, Dating Gold is more focused on the more “risque” lead generation and dating sites.

Dating Gold has four big sites that they focus all of their efforts on.

I continually mention on this blog how there are a few niches that will always make money.

Dating is one of those niches that will just never die.

Although the French are famously relaxed when it comes to marital fidelity (adultery has been decriminalized in France since 1975) the Catholic association still claims the adverts were “publicly promoting cheating.” The Paris court rejected the complaint, however, ruling that there are instances where adultery does not constitute sufficient grounds for divorce, such as when couples willingly choose to engage in a libertine lifestyle or when the behavior of one of the spouses justifies cheating from the other.

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Our last article had a few tips and ideas about starting dating sites, choosing niches, and defining target audiences for the expansion of member base.We’ve got some tips for both, on and offline campaigns.Depending on your budget you can use all of them or just some.Five Best Ways for Offline Dating Site Promotion Many new sites spend a big amount of money on the initial marketing push and then forget about advertising all together.Think over your promotional budget, write a clear step by step plan.The National Confederation of Catholic Family Associations had asked the court to ban Gleeden from referring to extramarital relations in its communications and to say that the contracts between the website and its 3 million users were unlawful and void, which would have hampered the very activity of the dating site.The French Catholic association had accused Gleeden of helping people commit adultery and break one of the obligations of marriage.Gleeden (a portmanteau of “Glee” and “Eden”), the self-described ” first extra-marital dating website for married and unfaithful people,” specifically targets those willing to cheat on their husbands.It has been under attack by the Catholic association since 2015 after it started advertising with provocative slogans, allegedly promoting adultery in violation of the French civil code, which stipulates mutual respect, “fidelity, help and assistance” between spouses.No matter how you look at it, there will always be different angles for you to promote dating offers and there will always be single people in the world looking for online dating services.Another reason why dating offers are now more attractive than ever, is simply because it’s so easy to target users based on their sexual preference, their age, location and if they are single or not.

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