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a robot built for sex, like Cameron (Summer Glau) or Data 2.any software program emulating a human sexual partner, like a chatbot 3.Hedonismbot's behaviour resembles that of a rich decadent Roman noble of ancient times, and he is a great patron of the opera with his very own box in the Metropolitan House of Opera - he even commissioned Fry to write an opera in which Fry would perform the Holophonor (4ACV18)."As soon as that Britney 'virtual doll' comes out, I'm gonna buy me one" - 40-y.o.

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In 3009, he attended the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion (ITWGY).In 3010, he supported Proposition ∞ (6ACV04), he made a big party to celebrate his wedding to a house (6ACV07), saw Amy and Kif at the Hip Joint (6ACV08), and attended the 100th Delivery Party (6ACV12).In 3014, he was with the Planet Express Crew and the Simpsons during "the end of the world" (SABF16).Right on Canadians, keep Science Fiction alive, whenever you can and however you can.Why is there confusion by some that a pleasure bot is designed to give all manner of favorable sensations to humans - be it sex, food or whatever a 'pervert' can think of?!He is extremely fond of food, wine, opera, vomiting, sex orgies, among other things, and he apologizes for nothing.In 3003, Hedonismbot attended the Big Robot Party (4ACV08).I thought this was a great episode and really enjoyed it.It was cool getting a little more information about 3 and I'm also glad that we can move past the "we're broke and can't ever complete a mission properly" arc now that they found money. For example the food they had was nutritious enough already to android so she did not understand the point of what the other bot did with the food.However, unlike other protectrons, Fisto's built-in lasers are not in an operational status, thus forcing him to rely on weak punches to inflict damage.As he suffers from a protectron's slow walking speed, this severely limits his ability to engage in combat.

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