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If you choose to use legacy launch images, you will use the following syntax in attribute can be anything you want; the filenames are used because they match what will be used when your project is compiled.The width and height attributes determine which launch images are displayed on which devices as follows: attributes.Each platform has its own file formats, image dimensions, and conventions - such as how the files are named.

The 4 doesn't cover the whole app, thus showing top and bottom bars of the app initializing.We'll look both at how to add images to Phone Gap applications created through its CLI, as well as how to add images to Icenium projects. There are two types of image assets associated with new Phone Gap projects: icons and splash screens.After creating a new Phone Gap project, a default set of each are placed in the project's directories respectively.I tried removing the smaller images (the 4 and its non-retina version) but even without the smaller ones present anywhere in the project I get the same error!UPDATE 2: Cordova 2.2.0 has now been released, thus fixing this issue according to: So, the recommended solution would therefore be to update your app to use Cordova 2.2.0, if that is for some reason not possible, solutions are provided below.If it does not, the device may fail to render it properly, if at all.In order to support newer form factors and split-screen/slide-over multitasking, you should use launch storyboard images.For native app developers, the ideal launch storyboard is an unpopulated version of the app's user interface at launch.For non-native app developers who don't wish to learn Interface Builder, however, this plugin simulates the legacy launch image method as much as is feasible.Note: Extended splashscreen does not require the plugin on Windows (as opposed to Android and i OS) in case you don't use the plugin API, i.e. There are two mechanisms for displaying a launch screen on i OS: Apple is moving away from legacy launch images.There is no official support for providing a native-resolution launch image for the i Pad Pro 12.9 or for providing launch images that work with split-screen multitasking or slide-over.

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