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Oh, and she's a wedding planner whose professional life is spent creating the perfect day for happy couples, while she navigates the (often discouraging) dating scene in NYC.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely aware that I once decided to go on thirty online dates in thirty days and (over)share my experiences with complete and total strangers.

I decide that this is probably the appropriate time to come clean/tell him he was part of an experiment.

Do you remember your mother telling you that too much of a good thing makes it a bad thing?

I didn't seek to humiliate anyone but sometimes, given the level of crazy, it might've happened. [Read More...]Listen as Jackie tells her story of transformation from the insecure "Little Korean Girl" to the powerful and confident woman she is today. Jackie talks about her evolution and the winding path she took to reach a place where she could embrace everything about herself, flaws and all. [Read More...]The latest Single Because Podcast episode is available for your listening pleasure. Below you will find a step by step guide on how to RATE and REVIEW on i Tunes.

Just the facts and this one is embarrassing and, um, dirty. She was comfortable with the possibility that she would never find love or get married. Meet Lori and listen as she shares her story of being a serial monogamist along with what she’s going to do to ensure she won’t have to file a fourth restraining order against another ex-boyfriend.

So, before you dive into this seemingly infinite dating pool, keep these five common pitfalls in mind.

Mistake #1: You’re meeting more than three people per week Maybe you had a long dry spell before you signed up and are making up for lost time.

We try to tell ourselves to be happy despite the inevitable heartaches, revise our expectations and embrace change as life happens but it’s never as easy... I used to think the idea only applied to the obvious stuff — pizza and the films of Keanu Reeves, for example — but this wisdom also applies to online dating.And this is especially true if you’re fairly new to a site or have re-subscribed again after taking some time off.(And yes, you too, Mom.) The actual 30-day period took place in the fall of 2013.Why did it take me a full year to start writing about it?But doing so can backfire, since you could be cheating yourself out of the chance to really get to know someone you like.“I realized I was going overboard when I was having multiple dates in one day,” says Rebecca, a publicist living in North Carolina.This quickly progressed to texting several times a day.Our conversations were great and we were starting to talk about... AYI, your place to meet millions of great singles, now has a brand new look.Get your free confidential consultation and meet your ideal woman as soon as next weekend! Anyway – sometimes guys will send messages without the intent of pursuit? Tags: crazy, creepy, dating, dating advice, dating blog, don'ts for dudes, eharmony, fetishes, funny, hilarious, men, men vs women, Ok Cupid, online dating, online dating advice, online dating blog, online dating fail, online dating horror stories, online dating messages, online dating tips, plenty of fish, POF, relationships, sex, stupid messages, tinder As a woman on the internet, I get a lot of messages that are very complimentary towards me.

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