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Right-click on the object in the XIB file and make sure the outlet is connected.

Your NSLog statement ( NSLog(@"%@", _top); ) logs the NSText Field object itself.

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So I have a text field that I would like to run the following code when the text changes (you can tell it's a workaround for not being able to figure out drop areas for files but maybe I'm on the right path): The problem is in the interface builder the only options are sent on end editing and sent on enter only.

This can be done on the command line as follows: This provides more information that can aid you in tracking down which item in Interface Builder has been bound to the wrong key path.

In this case it indicates that the binding is between an NSText Field and an NSArray Controller with an object class of Member, using the key path.

In this article, I'm going to explain the concepts behind bindings from the ground up; first explaining Key-Value Coding (KVC), then Key-Value Observing (KVO), and finally explaining how Cocoa bindings are built on top of KVC and KVO. "Keys" are just strings, and "values" can be any type of object[1]. There are three methods of interest in the following code: This is all that KVO does.

You can get more information about an error by setting the bindings debug level default.You can also modify the contents through the collection controller using the methods described in If changes made to a model value programmatically are not being reflected in the user interface, this typically indicates that the model object is not key-value-observing compliant for the property, or that you are modifying the value in a manner that is bypassing key-value observing.You should ensure that: A common source of problems when using bindings is that a binding is established to the wrong key path.Here is an example: Cocoa makes a distinction between "keys" and "key paths". A "key path" allows you to chain multiple keys together, separated by dots. Now that you understand the concepts behind KVC and KVO, Cocoa bindings won't be too mysterious.Cocoa bindings allow you to synchronise two key paths[2] so they have the same value. For example, let's say you have a For a more complete look at how views propagate changes back to the bound object, see my article: Implementing Your Own Cocoa Bindings.I have left out quite a bit of detail in order to keep the article short and simple, but hopefully it has given you a firm grasp of the concepts and principles. [2] When I say that bindings synchronise two key paths, that's not technically correct.It actually synchronises a "binding" and a key path.However, when I try sending set String Value:@"a string" to the text field, it doesn't work. So basically instead I had to pass the original object.Also, when I try and print the text field object to the command line it says null. That probably does not make any sense but let me know if it needs explaining better.Is there a way to make it so that this routine runs once the text changes (like altering the properties of the NSText Field on application launch for instance? but I think i'm missing some steps, the textfields value is bound to net Boot Name Textfield's value. The app i'm writing has various textfield options in the XIB's, to close there are buttons.) I tried with an NSTimer forcing a tab/return, but I can't think of a good condition to be present to make sure it doesn't keep running. On send (which is on end editing) the below action is run: Changing from (sender) to (a Notification) didn't work.. I've created an action for the button that re-runs the sender actions for each textfield, this then has logic to alert the user or proceed.. As an example, here's the Time Server action: That would trigger when enter was pressed or another text filed, but not on clicking the XIB's "Close" push button.

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