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Most of my stuff is in the whimsical romance/comedy/slice of life sort of area. Also a musician performing in various bands on the East Coast.

The winner, House of 1000 Cats, portrayed Pico, Nene, Darnell, P-BOT, Tom Fulp, and a Penicorn fighting against the Kitty Krew. "Tankmen Infinity" by Pikanjo parodied the Tankmen series instead of Pico, but still won second place. It combined 1920's style monochrome animation with Pico characters and Newgrounds humor.

In fact I highly recommend it, if you like my games.

With goals being reached, I could certainly build upon my idea of creating erotic and interactive neighborhoods for all to play in, and eventually have them linked together in various ways. Thanks for reading my update and please visit the Patreon page!

Myself and ttrop have been working on a game called Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc (UMCH) for a while now and we are on our way to finishing the game and working on better stuff.

As I finish UMCH I also took the opportunity to make separate chapters in the process that I plan to upload here.

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