Nate berkus dating ricky martin

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Civil rights icon Harvey Milk was born 87 years ago today: ‘Hope will never be silent’ Dame Julie Andrews: ‘I don’t think there’s been a time when I haven’t been [an LGBT ally]‘ Last night I had the honor to sing for the High Queen Priestess that is Judith Light, one of my absolute heroes.

See Emmy winners Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith of ‘Days of Our Lives’ together again!

I have several buildings in mind that would be perfect, but am certainly open to your suggestions, and I love real estate shopping.

Once we find a place, let's talk to Nate Berkus about decorating, he seems like a fun guy to work with.

I love you @judithlight , you are warm fire that brings comfort to so many.

Spotted this cool little video of Massey at lunch with Freddie Smith who plays his husband Sonny Kiriakis and Christopher Sean who plays Paul Narita.By doing this you will have access to the complete Monday through Friday daily recaps for that week, just as they were posted on during that week.As our archives have grown, we've created one page per calendar year. Johnny ran away from home, right into Rafe and Sami's arms. Reed is laid up from his “heart incident.” Though it’s likely the doctors, the nurses, and life in general will probably still run Jeremy (aka Dr. That’s the message behind this week’s Mindy Project episode, the aptly titled “Mindy Lahiri Is A Misogynist.” A mainly work-centric episode, “Mindy Lahiri” finds the staff of Schulman & Associates hiring a new doctor now that Dr. Jody and Jeremy put together a whole slew of candidates, all of whom are women. That goes about as well as expected, and Mindy is thus persuaded to wrangle up another candidate, Dr. Scoot) into an early grave, the idea is that a new doctor will at least take some of Jeremy work off his plate, not that anyone at Schulman ever seems to be working anyway.The DAYS Daily Recaps Archive offers you day-to-day summaries of Days of our Lives beginning in 1996 and continuing through to the current week.To view any of the daily recaps here, simply locate the week that you want to review.The Mindy Project’s Doctor Mindy Lahiri might be a lot of things, but she’s probably not a misogynist. She’s great—and beautiful, to Jody’s delight—and she quickly gets hired, much to Mindy’s slight dismay for some mysterious reason. You know, so Mindy has “a gal pal to watch Bravo with.” It’s never really addressed why they go for all women, other than Jody’s general horniness, but Mindy acts out in turn, bringing in her own interview candidate: Robert, a former cruise ship doctor with a M. Anna Ziev, a stone-cold ice queen played by Blood & Oil’s Rebecca Rittenhouse.

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