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now i am alone, he is gone to heaven and i am alone. men are assholes and i don't know who to talk to about it (i know this is random but i just had to get this off my chest somehow lol). i've had unprotected sex with about four different women other than my wife the past year and a half - so i really hope i didn't catch anything from any of them - none of the other women ever said anything about my dic* sores because either it was dark and they were drunk or well, they were all kinda chubby girls who were clearly desperate for a man - two of them were still married and on business trips like me, one was recently divorced and had gained a lot of weight and the other was a chubby college girl trying to finish her teaching degree and feeling down after being dumped who wouldn't stop blabbering about how she felt fat and ugly at this hotel bar last summer when i was out of town for work - anyways as usual i never wear condoms plus, two of the women i had sex with told me they weren't on birth control and that they wanted a baby really badly - a big part of me really likes the idea of getting women pregnant my wife has struggled with infertility for years and when we eventually decided to have children - we had to use my sperm with a donor egg in a surrogate mother to carry the child - it ended up being a college girl who was really desperate for money and sold her eggs and then her womb to allow us to have a child with her by invitro fertilization (ivf) i wanted to have regular old school sex with her so badly - just make babies the old fashioned way with her - she was 19 when we first interviewed her before we did the procedure to implant my sperm into her to fertilize her eggs ...i was 42, and i just wanted to do her - but she was way outta my league, beautiful former high school athlete honor student who was a straight a deans list in pre-med curriculum - she's in med school now - we keep in touch on facebook - but man i wanted to do her so badly - i consider her to be the true mother of my daughter and i wish i could be with her instead of my wife that was 3 years ago when we did the procedure where i put my sperm inside this girl so my wife and i could have a child - but i couldn't et over it, and since then i've started to have a big increase in my infidelities with other women when i'm out of town on work trips - but i still never wear a condom i haven't worn a condom in like 17 years since i was in college - i hate condoms i've only had the sores about two months or so now, so i've only been with two of the other women easier this year i've also only had sex with my wife like maybe 5 times this year because, well she hates sex please help me! please tell me i don't have some terrible incurable disease!!!?!? i was going back and forth between keeping it and aborting it but in the end we both found it best to abort. the police were called and while waiting, i instructed my crew to leave that spot and move 600 feet up and start excavationing that area. turns out, we were excavating a undocumented cemetery. people would bury any child or adult who was handicap or disabled.. but a elder from the town told me that many of the dead were drugged or buried alive after being giving sleeping pills, liquor or animal tranquilizers.i don't know how to behave around other men, my son has to help me with my finances, although my husband left me well off i never learned about that, i stay up as late as i can because i just hate having to go to bed alone. although we may be miles away, we're all going through the same things. i thought i would be devastated but i'm not, i feel relieved. i thought he was joking but after chatting with many of the elders of the town...i found this story to be true."Adult Friend Finder is the world's largest adult and swingers sex personals site!

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    However,there’s also concern that being able to disable mobile phone cameras using these signals could be used to impinge upon freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

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    How does Tinder really compare to people who meet the old-fashioned way – in real life?