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Buddy Spy is a monitoring application that you can use to see who is hiding from you on Yahoo Messenger, and the chat room they are currently in.Although the concept of Buddy Spy is a little childish (i.e.

With a myriad of options and topics, you are sure to find new buddies to talk to with similar interests and more.And as you know, it is possible to hide from other users by using the Invisible mode, where nobody can see that you are online thus allowing you to choose whom to talk to.Using Buddy Spy, it is possible to find the contacts that are hiding from you.If you are not sure whether you would like to join a chat room at that time, you can check out the conversation without even entering. Messenger is a popular platform for chatting with your friends no matter where they are.Among Chat ON's unique features were allowing users to create Animation messages, Broadcast to send personal notices in a group chat room, and the Trunk which stores media files shared in chats.Support was expanded to include Android tablets, Windows Phone, and Bada phones.When “Add” is clicked, a message box will pop-up in the chat area asking you to enter the name of your new buddy.Click “Cancel” on the message box if you no longer wish to add a buddy.This button looks like two message balloons overlapping and is the right-most button on the toolbar along the bottom of the buddy list.Next, a small menu of the most popular AIM chat rooms will appear on your buddy list window.

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