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“She has this new guy who seems awesome and actually, he does really like her, although we really kind of think he’s a player.

Eric Clapton had asked me to come because he wanted me to listen to a new number he had written.

I was married to Eric's close friend, George Harrison, but Eric had been making his desire for me clear for months. Afterwards we went to Robert's house separately but we were soon together. He was about to leave when he spotted me in the garden with Eric. 'I had met George six years previously, in 1964, when he was filming A Hard Day's Night.

I felt uncomfortable that he was pushing me in a direction in which I wasn't certain I wanted to go. with a friend and then on to a party at the home of pop impresario Robert Stigwood. It was a great party and I felt elated by what had happened earlier in the day but also deeply guilty. He was morose and his mood was not improved by walking into a party that had been going on for several hours and where most of the guests were high on drugs. Britain and most of Europe was in the grip of Beatlemania.

The dating game show subgenre has its origins in the United States.

He switched on the tape machine, turned up the volume and played me the most powerful, moving song I had ever heard.

It was Layla, about a man who falls hopelessly in love with a woman who loves him but is unavailable.

"I look at personality traits and I look at their value system.

And most of the time, if you can match those two things you're going to have a good candidate for a relationship."She starts with her database of candidates.

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