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It strives to have a javascript agnostic interface for UI/UX developers that might want to use it. Please, feel free to fork and contribute to this plugin, or just discuss ideas, enhancement requests in an issue.You could also fix my english mistakes, add some more tests in the test suite, and much more!

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While 100% j Query coverage is not a design goal, the APIs provided match their j Query counterparts.The update Data(data) method updates values of several fields at once.In the following code, these methods are called on the Button click.Debug the problem and found a line of code in js where it crashed. Specifically, I was trying to set up an Entityform to submit AJAX-ly via the Ajax form entity module.After updating the file to version 3.5 ( ) the problem was solved. Things should have been working great, except I immediately got the error I decided to dig at it a bit and started by disabling the j Query Update module completely.View Demo The Form widget provides methods that update specific form Data fields and rerender the corresponding editors without rerendering the whole widget.The update Data(data Field, value) method updates the value of a single field.Alternatively, we could test the code right before that commit to see if it fixes the issues too.It looks like it's version 3.17, which is lower than the v3.5 reported to fix the issue by OP.In this example, an Http adapter is being used, so an HTTP request is formed and the payload is sent to the server.If you need to update form data at runtime, redefine the form Data object.

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