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Her new joint, , has plenty of hard edges, to be sure, but they surround a surprisingly soft core.

If you can ignore the deeply annoying skits, you'll find an album packed with gems.

And within the world of hip-hop, the code of the streets dictates that disrespect is not to be tolerated and no slight is to be taken lightly, which accounts for many of the threats, taunts and vows of vengeance that litter many of our favorite rap records.

It's an unusual shift, but Dreezy is talented enough for it to work.

The sound associated with the mehterân exercised an influence on European classical music, with such composers as Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven all writing compositions inspired by or designed to imitate the Ottoman music. Marching songs, typically with patriotic and sometimes nostalgic lyrics, are often sung by soldiers as they march.

The songs invariably feature a rhythm timed to the cadence of the march.

Seandra Sledge, better known as Dreezy, presents one of the more accessible ways to get started with it.

In contrast to rappers like Chief Keef, Sasha Go Hard and Katie Got Bandz, Dreezy seems to know that striking a balance is key.

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