Indoor dating ideas

Then head back to someones house where you watch that scene from the movie and sing "Merry Unbirthday" exchange gifts and eat cake and other good food.- Brandyn Go "people watching" at the mall—it can be fun to just sit and talk.Dating isn’t just about going out together and having fun.Dating is about spending quality time in each other’s company doing things that you both enjoy and that allow you get to know more about your individual likes, dislikes and interests.There are loads of fun things to do on dates indoors.If the weather is contrary, take a look at the fun ideas we have compiled here.Just imagine: no coordinating calendars, no traffic, no hour-long wait for a table.Wouldn't date night be more romantic, more carefree, and, well, just plain better without all that stress?

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So no matter what your interests or what stage of relationship you are in, here are twenty indoor date ideas for you and your partner.

A movie marathon night is one of the most popular stay in first date ideas because it is practically fail proof.

You can theme the evening’s entertainment by choosing a genre or favourite actor to base your movie choices around.

When you’re dating sometimes staying in is the best option.

Whether you are staying in as an alternative to going out on the town, or you want to create a special romantic first date experience there are plenty of things you can do together, to establish an intimate connection.

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