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At various other sites around Vancouver wood working tools have been found that date from between 5000 to 8000 years ago that could possibly have been intended to be used for cedar (either yellow or red). He also hunted with respect for the sea lions he killed.

"We expect some of those dates to be old, and some of them will be extremely old," he said."We believe that this art will be as old, if not older, than that art in Europe, and that will make the Kimberley and all of its art, with its living, cultural connections, of world significance."Establishing firm dates for rock art is notoriously difficult, but dates of around 40,000 years have been recorded for images in Indonesia and Spain.

More than a dozen scientists took part in two field trips to study remote faces on Dambimangari and Balanggarra country.

They used pioneering techniques to collect and analyse hundreds of samples to narrow down the timeframes in which the striking images of people, animals and shells were made.

Understanding and Preventing Abuse: A Workbook for Aboriginal Youth This workbook for Aboriginal youth is one of many resources available to the public through an initiative called “The Healing Journey”.

This initiative helps to promote awareness of family violence prevention in Aboriginal communities.

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