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The informal ranch style evolved from several 20th century styles.Architect Cliff May is credited with building the first ranch-style home in San Diego in 1932, followed by California real estate developer Joseph Eichler’s mass-produced version that become so popular in the 1950s.After World War II, simple and economical ranch-style homes were mass-produced to meet the housing needs of returning soldiers and their families.Because so many ranch-style houses were built quickly and with a cookie-cutter formula, the ranch is dismissed by some as simple, ordinary and without style.

But what happens when you take this home design, first constructed in the 1950’s, along with its old-age spirit and mix it with a modern look – in furniture and accent.Well, you get a stunning blend of home fashion and trending, forward-thinking interest.Let’s have a look at 20 ideas that will get your wheels turning!But if you have “higher” expectations, gables are your go-to.Ranch-styled homes have simple floor plans with a wider outward appearance – without the depth that most present homes possess.But there is more than meets the eye to the classic suburban ranch.Some typical architectural characteristics of the style include: • Low-pitched gable roof and deep-set eaves. • Large sliding glass doors leading out to a patio. • Openness, few interior walls and efficient use of space.A one-color home appears taller, especially in a hue that blends into the background, such as sage-green against sagebrush-dotted hills.A feature as seemingly insignificant as the front door can improve a ranch home’s curb appeal; swap out a retro-red door for a modern black or white one.Despite these practical attractions, the style’s horizontal, close-to-the-ground profile gets a bad rap for its exterior, which is often knocked for being dull.Fortunately, visual interest is just a series of DIY improvements away.

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