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We are proud of the great record made by our Brothers since the founding of the Grand Lodge, proud of their courage and strength of character, their devotion to the cause of Freemasonry, synonymous with liberty, justice and freedom.

May we and our successors, who follow in their footsteps, be worthy heirs to a great tradition, our Masonic Heritage. Snyder Grand Master Grand Lodge Officers Centennial Year 1961 OFFICERS OF THE MOST WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE OF ANCIENT FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS OF COLORADO 1961 LEON H. 13, Colorado Springs - Grand Master ELLIS LATIMER, Mount Lamborn No.

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Credits: 15.0 Contact: Dr Mark Condos Overlap: None Prerequisite: None This module examines how local populations resisting colonial rule within the British and other European empires were constructed as `uncivilized¿, `savage¿ and `fanatical¿, in order to legitimize the application of various forms of suppression.

Credits: 30.0 Contact: Dr Chris Moffat Overlap: None Prerequisite: None The core module `Global Connections, Local Contexts' provides the intellectual spine to the MA Global History.

It explores the challenges and potential of global history.

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We also extend our grateful appreciation for the dedicated, faithful and untiring efforts of the Centennial Committee in the preparation of this history. THOMSON, Salida No .57, Salida - Junior Grand Warden THOMAS F. The time period covered ranges from early modern to contemporary, and the course is divided into four closely integrated blocks: theoretical approaches to global history; the global history of ideas; power, knowledge and resistance.The conjoining of `connections' and `contexts' denotes the fact that this MA Global History does not merely try to cover an extended chronological range of world history; rather, it is linked by showing how transnational concepts are applied, absorbed, and transformed in particular localities.By Dr Richard Walding - Research Fellow, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia The Cenotaph pavilion stands 13 m (44 ft) high.Inside there is a small central stone pillar (the "empty tomb") with a marble 'Entablature' on each side containing the names of 97 fallen soldiers, arranged alphabetically.One is "Honour Avenue" - a memorial to the soldiers from the Stephens Shire which began in 1917 as a row of 96 alternating weeping fig and flame trees that lined the newly-created avenue through the park.The second memorial is a concrete cenotaph, with the names of the 97 fallen inscribed on marble tablets. Receiving his Masonic degrees in Nevada Lodge No.4, in 1867 he became a charter member of Columbia Lodge No. He was the powerful figure of the first half-century of Masonry in Southern Colorado. He was president of and the most active worker in the Denver Public Library. ANTHONY First Grand Master from Union Lodge No.7 was Webster D. He was private secretary to the first Territorial Governor, first Speaker of the House of Representatives in Colorado, and secretary of the convention which met to frame a constitution for the organization of the state government. He returned to Denver in 1885 and made three mining expeditions to Mexico. In 1861 he joined the Colorado National Guard and helped recruit the first militia company, named after Ex-Governor Samuel H. As Captain of Company B of the Third Colorado Cavalry, Orahood had charge of guarding the mails, stages and wagon trains on the p Jains from desperadoes and Indians. His casket was draped with a worn American flag presented to him by the women of Colorado for his militant efforts in preserving the Union. On April 18th, 1918, wearing the Master's jewel he had worn fifty years before, he presided over his Lodge's fiftieth anniversary with a dignity characteristic of over five decades of Masonic thinking. Woodbury, the 1878 Grand Master, was the organizer and first president of the Denver Chamber of Commerce and was re-elected as long as he would consent. Students thus gain an appreciation of the culture and attitudes of societies other than our own, and develop professional and informed attitudes.Assessment: 80.0% Coursework, 20.0% Practical Level: 6 Credits: 30.0 Contact: Ms Laura Edgar Overlap: None Prerequisite: None Write a 10,000 word dissertation on a particular topic within a subject area of the computer and communications programme. Students will have two terms to write up and submit the dissertation.

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