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Canceling at the last minute -- even when he knows that the visit means so much to you -- is wrong. "If a parent cancels because of a bad cold but went to work that day with the same cold, it's important that your child feel free to voice his feelings," says therapist M.

As a result, self-esteem can plummet, notes Edward Teyber, Ph.

It takes maturity and a broader perspective to stand back and realize that your child's misbehavior may actually be a way of communicating how they are feeling.

Their confusion, anger, resentment and powerlessness to control their life circumstances get expressed physically because they don't know how to verbalize those complex emotions.

by Claudia Jewett Jarrati Because all children appear to harbor some degree of fundamental and primitive terror that something catastrophic might happen to their caregivers and that without their caregivers’ protection and care they themselves might die, it is best if the news comes from the adults to whom a child feels closest–whether parents, foster parents, or other caregivers.

Access to someone with whom the child shares an ongoing history of trustworthiness, concern, and involvement is an important buffer during crisis or change and reassures the child that he or she is not alone, that there are other people available to provide protection and vital caretaking.

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