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Five years in, after a lot of messy mistakes, she put the bottle down. In the moment, these dalliances make her feel alive and desired, young again and sexy. By now, we’ve all become aware that Internet pornography is accessible anytime, anywhere—provided you have a machine to capture it, however tiny, and Internet access, however reliable.

For most people these forays into cybersex are relatively harmless recreational pursuits, but experts in the field say that the affordability, accessibility and anonymity of the Internet are fueling a brand new psychological disorder -- cybersex addiction -- that appears to be spreading with astonishing rapidity and bringing turmoil to the lives of those affected. Occasionally, they progress to off-line affairs with sex partners they meet online. Al Cooper of Stanford, who has conducted the largest and most detailed survey of online sex, calls the Net "the crack cocaine of sexual compulsivity." The survey, conducted online among 9,265 men and women who admitted surfing the Net for sexually oriented sites, indicated that at least 1 percent were already seriously hooked on online sex.

Because this growing conglomeration of networks [in the mid 1980s] was able to communicate using the TCP/IP protocols, the collection of networks gradually came to be called the ‘Internet’, borrowing the first word of ‘Internet Protocol’.

Our vision is to create a ‘Smart World’, that is, an intelligent infrastructure linking objects, information and people through the computer network...

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