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Now you can send free text SMS messages to almost any major cell phone provider in the world. All messages will be tagged with the sender IP address and sent to the recipient and will be turned over to law enforcement when requested.

Txt2day does not condone spamming, harassment or illegal activity.

Three differing systems exist in determining offenders' inclusion in the registry: risk-based, sentence-length-based, and offense-based.

In risk-based systems, the offender is screened against a scientifically validated screening tool, and determination of inclusion is made according to the results.

A sex offender registry is essentially a database of information about convicted sex offenders that's maintained and accessed by law enforcement to monitor and track sex offenders in the community.

Some of the information in a registry of this kind is made available to the public at large, typically through sex offender websites. Requirements with respect to who must register, what information they must provide, and what information the public may see can vary by jurisdiction, so be sure to check the applicable laws in your state.

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