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Thus this essay, which is my attempt at producing such a source.Contents: The half-life of a radioactive isotope is defined as the time it takes half of a sample of the element to decay.A mathematical formula can be used to calculate the half-life from the number of breakdowns per second in a sample of the isotope.Some isotopes have very long half-lives, measured in billions or even trillions of years.Radiocarbon dating is one such type of radiometric dating.any method of determining the age of earth materials or objects of organic origin based on measurement of either short-lived radioactive elements or the amount of a long-lived radioactive element plus its decay product.

C and counting the amount of each) allows one to date the death of the once-living things.

Teach your students about absolute dating: Determining age of rocks and fossils, a classroom activity for grades 9-12.

Find additional lessons, activities, videos, and articles that focus on relative and absolute dating.

Perhaps you have heard of Ice Man, a man living in the Alps who died and was entombed in glacial ice until recently when the ice moved and melted.

The man's body was recovered and pieces of tissue were studied for their C content by accelerator mass spectroscopy.

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