Entrepreneur dating validating application design against specifications

The Stratford-Upon-Avon based businessman had cause to celebrate as he looks ahead to the first anniversary of Temptr - the dating app he developed and launched in 2015 as a direct rival to Tinder - on December 20.When competing in the world of business, entrepreneurs often find that their professional lives end up being very time consuming.Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride, because that’s exactly what dating an entrepreneur can be like!It’s because the life of an entrepreneur isn’t exactly what you can call ‘normal.’ Their lifestyle is different and may even feel foreign to us at times.Sometimes they aren’t humans and this post symbolizes that very aspect.

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When I recently read Brad Feld’s account of the depression and issues that stemmed from his entrepreneurial drive and endeavors, I was certainly impressed by his courageous vulnerability.

People like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are now idolized almost as much as many athletes, or actors and actresses.

As many smart individuals have opined, including Andrew Yang in “Smart People Should Build Thingsholding these types of individuals in such high esteem is one of the first steps to better integrating entrepreneurship, innovation and creation into our economy and the aspirations of young people.

With energy channelled thusly, building a relationship can become a second priority.

But we at Elite Singles don’t think it needs to be that way.

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