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The unique search engine will locate names, and keywords to help you locate newspaper articles about any subject or person, including YOUR ancestors and obituaries. These obituary search tools will help you locate old and new obituaries online.

If you can't locate an obituary online, try contacting a library in the area you are searching.

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I recommend searching at least a full month on either side of your ancestor's death date and in some cases even a longer time period.

The Old Newspapers at Ancestry can provide a great place to begin your obituary search.

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I lived through the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War, through the turbulent 60's, through the civil rights era and a lot of things that the generations that have grown up since my days of growing up know so very little about this community.Finding them can present a challenge in some cases. many times in the old newspaper, obituaries were printed once a month or once a week.So be sure to search for many issues before and after your ancestors date of death. Nichols, a bank president in the Elkhorn area for 13 years, didn’t dwell on being stricken with Lou Gehrig’s disease.“If there was a ‘why me? “He tried to accept it, and dove more into, ‘Well, what can I do? ’ ”Nichols, who died Thursday at 46, was diagnosed in November 2011 and was told that he had two to five years to live.He was long active in civic affairs, including Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce, and continued working until 2014.(transcribed from tape) You may wonder why I am putting what I am about to on tape. In the past few years many people have asked me to put down my knowledge, memories , hearsay, and things that have happened in Elkhorn City during my lifetime.Some of the things I am going to relate I witnessed in person; others I was told by people and some is here say and can not be verified; while others are facts that I have learned during the practice of law for the past 30 years.The things I am going to talk about will not be in the order in which they occurred or sequential, in that one thing followed another and will be in many different forms and subject matter.Some historical, some strictly local and some of the language may be a little earthy and the names called or said some of their descendants are living today or may be some of the people who participated in the affairs that occurred or matters that came up will be stated, but to cause embarrassment to anyone and if I do offend anyone I now offer my sincere apologies.Inadvertently, I may call names, but I said., it is not my intention to do so with any malice or ill will.I undertake this because I have lived from the horse and buggy days here in Elkhorn City, Pike County, Kentucky to past the times when the United States has put a man on the moon.

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