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) Lia Romeo’s debut novel, Dating the Devil (Belle Books/Bell Bridge Books, 2013) is a story about love, romance, and what it’s like to date the ultimate bad boy … the Prince of Darkness himself. She is also a playwright and the author of the humor book 11,002 Things to Be Miserable About (Abrams Image, 2009).My adventure in wine started 8 years ago now in a Parisian restaurant called Juveniles. I was researching a book called Extremely Pale Rose (accent omitted) about the hunt for the palest pink wine in France.Ever since when I have tasted a wine, I think of the vigneron in the fields, bent back, pruning the dead growth in the depths of winter with each individual vine almost a personal friend.These independent vignerons also taught me about the supposed ‘devils’ of the wine business – the negociants.

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Nothing exciting ever happens to her, until one night at a neighborhood pub . The reader follows Lucy and her two girlfriends in their outings in search of love or a one-night stand. Falling in love is accepting the imperfections of the other. I would have just enjoyed more details, more spice.

He Lucy O Neill is a plain-Jane New York PR assistant with a tiny apartment, a dead-end job, and a pair of annoyingly perfect roommates. Lucy seeks a soulmate a A romance with a plot and a synopsis rather interesting and original on paper.

You gave them an “I Told You So” look before looking at Peter who returned you the same look.

Karen is a middle-aged woman with a chromosomal disorder that makes her look like she’s in her early teens.

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