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My husband continued to go back and forth to work as a financial analyst in New York City and for his trailer-truck container company in Maine.

After 9/11, he also spent more time in Captiva — Captiva was our one silver lining that year.

Sand Castles offers one-bedroom cottages and efficiencies, and three-bedroom beach houses.

When we arrived in Fort Myers, Florida, we rented a car and drove across the causeway through wonderful vegetation to a magical island. We knew when we bought the house it would eventually be our retirement home.

We loved the sunsets and, most of all, the drives at night around the island with the top down. When we were still working, we could not wait for a short break.

Even if for just three days, we would try to get down to the island. We always thought Captiva was so much like a “tropical island” — somewhere exotic — but it has the advantage of being in the continental U. We love the beauty and rhythm of the surf and life on the island. In 2001, three years after we’d purchased our house, we actually helped my parents move to Sanibel Island.

It was comical because as soon as we would get to Captiva, we would try to figure out how we could rearrange our schedules to lengthen our stay, even if by a few more hours. Then in June of that year my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and I started going to our Captiva house more often to care for her.

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