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There are also many in south Wales and in Cornwall, where they are called rounds.

Ringforts come in many sizes and may be made of stone or earth.

However, many hitherto unknown ringforts have been found thanks to early Ordnance Survey maps, aerial photography, and the archaeological work that has accompanied road-building.

In Cornwall There are five known ring fortresses or Trelleborgs in Denmark, including Vallø Borgring on the island of Zealand which historians believe may have been used by Sweyn Forkbeard to launch an invasion of England by the Vikings.

As its name suggests, it's a collection of records that Eddie (Connolly) has extracted from a number of sources, principally newspapers.

These include notices of births, marriages and deaths; rolls of honour (war dead), court reports, inquests and books.

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Each of the websites or databases below has earned its place in this short list by offering free access to a good proportion, if not all, of their information. Ancestry Ireland is the site of the Ulster Historical Foundation, one of the major genealogical research agencies, family history publishers and education providers operating in Northern Ireland. The organisation specialises in undertaking Irish and Scots-Irish research and runs both study programmes and a membership association called the Ulster Historical and Genealogical Guild.

There are also a handful of free to search and view collections.

All manner of records can be found within Eddie's Extracts.

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