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In approximately five months all of the ad space was sold and Tew had made over one million dollars.This made news worldwide and gained public and business interest in pixel ads.Segment targeting - If you have a targeted ad campaign for which you need pixels fired, target only those users that correspond to the campaign.If you need males 18-34, serve only to them; don't fire the pixel for females over 40.Art Quest has literally thousands of members and many have requested advertising on the main page of Art Quest, so developing the Art Pixel Ad project was the perfect solution !The Art Pixel Ad main page is displaying Picasso's "Boy With Pipe", which is known to be the highest priced painting sold at auction.Pixel advertising gained popularity in the last quarter of 2005 when British student Alex Tew created a web site named The Million Dollar Homepage, and solicited advertisers to buy ad space measured in pixels on the homepage.

Tew's million dollar success sparked the development of various ‘Do it yourself’ pixel scripts such as our Pixel-Ads-Script.Pixel Ads Script PHP - Pixel Advertising is a free trial software application from the ASP & PHP subcategory, part of the Web Development category.The app is currently available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Russian and it was last updated on 2006-12-17. Pixel Advertising is the term given to visual advertisements on the web which have their cost calculated dependent on the number of pixels which they occupy.Fire It Only When Necessary An often overlooked element of responsible pixel delivery is that you usually don't need to fire it for every user, nor for every page view.Instead of the fire-hose approach, it's best to be intentional and precise; only fire the pixel when necessary to the users where it is needed.Reserving the face and pipe will ultimately save the face of the painting (no pun intended:) when ads start to fill in all the blocks so the painting remains recognizable.It's a great way to inexpensively advertise your art or product with a direct link to your site plus be a part of a "Visual Artistic Project". Order Steps To place an order you may email us directly at [email protected] may pay with credit card or check. To aid your selection, view the grid with ruler markings. Calculate the total price of your desired square(s). Create your non-animated GIF or JPEG image for the aforementioned square(s) to ensure the look of your image is truly what you want displayed on the homepage. Select your desired square or set of squares (in a square/rectangular grouping) from the unsold squares.Be a part of the Million Pixel home page craze and purchase your spot on the Million Pixel ad page for St. St is creating a Million Pixel web page with logos of St Louis Businesses.

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