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Jewelry by this company is hard to find let alone little is know of the company and it is surmised that the company went out of business in the 1940s.

The jewelry pieces were marked: "Accessocraft", "Plastigold" in September 1940, and "Feathergold" since Aug.

There are many vintage looking pieces on the market today that are not vintage at all. Examine the wear closely, does it make sense that the piece shows wear marks in their location?

Often a closer look at the details will reveal a word like "inspired, style, repo, reproduction, like" eliminating any doubt it is a NOT a true vintage piece. Vintage pieces ideally need to be seen from different angles. Perhaps certain parts have faded yet some have held their colour; that's a great clue for identifying vintage.

I was a little leery at the price and debated for a long time on purchasing them, but having them in my hands, they're completely worth the price. Not only are they beautiful, sturdy, and unique, they are unlike any earrings I have owned before!!!For you today is this substantial pair of Trifari clip on Hoop earrings, signed TRIFARI (c) with the crown over the 'T', dating them probably to the 1960s. It's hard to tell from the pictures the width of the hoops, but they are not wires; they measure a full 1/8 ". Grab while you can; shipping is free to US, and WW shipping goes first class.This lovely piece, with an art nouveau revival design (1960s-1970s) which includes a curled flower head filled with pave diamante rhinestones. The pin is considered to be of the Edwardian era (English kings named Edward) and designed for the very elite. The jewelry has been classified good quality with unusual gothic designs and was highly popular in the 1960s having had the Art Deco decorative look of the 1920s and 1930s Many items had a style typical of the Renaissance, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Rococo ornamentation. One item produced was a cameo pin believed to have been carved out of sardonyx/carnelian with yellow gold metal accented with an applied granular texture on the leaves (variegated with yellow, rose, and green gold filling) on each side of the cameo. The Accessocraft Products Company, NY, was founded by Edgar Rodelheimer and Theodore Steinman, and opened in 1930.Anyway, these earrings have been on my wishlist for ages and I'm happy I purchased them from PUG.They are pretty large but chances are if you're wearing confetti lucite, you want to make a statement! Clasps are a good science for dating jewellery and knowing each clasp and when they were popular will help you identify pieces. Most vintage jewelry pieces show their first signs of wear around the clasp. Necklaces with several strands may show wear on some of the beads from brushing against one another. Is the wear genuine or does it look "aged" by the manufacturer.Do you start to suspect the stones are glued in and the prongs are there to give the "illusion" that it's a vintage piece? A prong setting will generally have 4-6 prongs unless it is a dogtooth setting then it is reminiscent of a saw edge.On close examination you can tell the prongs are holding the stone in.

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