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If you’re stuck sitting in your office until all hours of the night wondering (a) how you’ll ever meet someone and (b) how you’ll convince them to take a chance on someone who routinely works until 4 a.m.

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I have had quite a few clients ask my advice recently about "dating after divorce".

Of course, I refer them to Dating After Divorce right here on the Huffington Post. After all, divorce attorneys experience almost all of the turbulence of the divorce process that the parties do (i.e. The emotional toll that divorce litigation takes on the parties is virtually unparalleled in the world of relationships.

If someone wants to "set me up" with a woman, I ask them about the potential date's relationship history, career, family, interests and why they believe we would hit As I listen to the answers (probably inadmissible hearsay in a court of law), the attorney in me begins to filter these answers through the "would any of this affect us as a couple in a future divorce".

If I hear or project there to be any "issues", I reject the "set up" before it is even made.

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