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Some firms wouldn't even consider insuring me - and the handful that were quoted around €3,000 to €4,000." Through a recommended broker, who deal with around 15 insurance companies, Ms Kelly found that Allianz Insurance were willing to accept her no claims bonus - even though it was four months after the usual two year expiry date.If you have been driving abroad with a full licence, the companies that will be willing to insure you will assess each case individually - with much depending on where exactly you have been living and driving.Customers who purchased auto and homeowners insurance through Wells Fargo Insurance saved as much as 0 per year. Wells Fargo Insurance provides two ways to quote, for your convenience: online or phone.

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Almost everyone needs some level of property insurance.

Insurance premiums are so high that it can be cheaper to rent a car on a regular basis.

That is certainly what education expert Sue Whyte discovered after she was quoted a huge figure following an accident.

Ms Kelly spent the next eight weeks calling up to 30 brokers and insurance companies.

"I had started my new job and I was calling one company a day.

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