Consolidating files in itunes

I personally never use i Tunes anymore, but I know a lot of people who keep all their music and movies stored on their computer.

I personally find it much easier to stream content from i Cloud and to use i Tunes Match or Apple Music for listening to my music.

Before we do any moving of data, we first have to check to make sure everything is properly stored locally.

There it will give you the full name of the song, and the artist.

It’s perfect for anyone who uses multiple Macs, and Super Sync also has a bunch of other tricked-out features ...

Super Sync will even allow you to sync libraries cross-platform.” “Super Sync is a breeze to install and set-up.

With Super Sync, back up your i Tunes libraries into accessable and portable music libraries that you can conveniently transport to another computer.

Super Sync makes the process super easy and intuitive.

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