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Positioned at a slant, the mesh encouraged beetles to fall into a bit of PVC pipe from which they could not escape.

After placing the traps, he would return within 24 hours to investigate the day’s catch.

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After three and a half years of mucking around Florida cow pastures, veterinary entomologist Philip Kaufman has collected 62,320 dung beetles.

19, 2011), Rachel Emma Silverman mentions that even HR professionals recognize the flaws in the system: Performance reviews have long received poor [...] Read more I’ll be honest with you: I’ve never been a fan of people who abandon their blogs for a few months and then come back with a lame explanation of how busy they’ve been.

So I’m reluctant to do that here, knowing how long it’s been since I’ve posted.

Tom Martin Owner, Fairlea Field I have hired George more than once, and will continue to use his skills as a graphic designer.

His skill is only outdone by his knowledge of graphic design and all it encompasses.

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