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Dynamic DNS is used in large networks that host internal services, and use their own internal DNS and DHCP servers.

However small companies, and home networks don’t normally have their own DNS server so why would they need Dynamic DNS ?

The onus is now on Talk Talk and Virgin Media to play catch-up.

UPDATE am The following is a statement from BT, which adds some extra confirmation to the above article if ever it were needed.

The network diagram below shows the configuration The Internal IP address is assigned to the internal server by the NAT router, but usually in these circumstances we will give it a static internal IP address.

To make the web service available on the internet we use a technique called port forwarding ( see the port forwarding and Internal vs external IP address articles for details).

The current specifications are available if you would like to know how to write your own updater.

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Existing BT subscribers with the older Home Hub 4 and 5 routers will follow from early 2017.The Home Hub 5 worked quite well, but this new Smart Hub 6 is a disaster.Even with manual port forwarding it does not work well at all. Hi Is this 100% confirmed, or just that you are facing issues?Most ISPs are achieving this via a dual-stack network so that both IPv4 and IPv6 can work side-by-side, which is necessary because it will be many years before IPv4 can be completely switched off (too much software and hardware is still IPv4-only).At the last update in August 2016 we were informed by BT that they aimed to officially enable the new standard on their network this Autumn, although they also said that it would be early 2017 before all of their customers could use it (here).When in doubt, use one of the software updaters listed below.Dyn Site for Windows is an automatic IP updater, it can update your current dynamic IP address on one or many dynamic DNS services so that anyone can contact you (in Net Meeting, CU-See Me, etc.) or access your FTP server or Web site on your own computer using a fully qualified domain name (e.g.I am also facing issues getting it set up, so before I get too deep into sorting it out, if I know it wont work, then I wont bother! My Synology NAS gets its IP address assigned by the BT Hub 6 but I can't connect to it even from the local home network. Hi, Does anyone have any more information or a solution to this issue?Do synology normally do an update for new riuters so they work? I have tried port forwarding on ports 50 and turning off the firewall but this didn't help. I've just moved home and used to have Virgin services which worked fine with my Diskstation...Now with BT Infinity and a Smart Hub 6 (as Virgin isn't available) and cannot seem to connect to my Diskstation from outside of the house. Can't get external access no matter how much fiddling I do.Any help with resolving this issue would really be appreciated! I'm not that technical, but I feel I've tried every setting..does it actually mean to use Ports 50 and how do you do it..

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