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The ideas in this book are so ludicrous, I couldn't stop laughing. And as for the world beeing covered with a glass ceiling, I think this book was written by Enid Blyton.!!!!

The Transform Diet plan is a 12-week program meant to help dieters transform their entire body by burning fat quicker and more efficiently, accessing the "after burn" effects that can result from proper fitness regimens, and eating to fuel your body in the proper ways.

Unlike many other popular diets, Salisbury asserts that your body should be treated more like a machine.

Rather than waiting to eat when hungry, he suggests consuming foods that boost metabolism and encourages dieters to eat before they are hungry.

Intelligence, Ex-Mossad Agent Commentaries by Reza Khalili, Ex-CIA Contributor: Michael Helmick Forward by William Cooper, Ex-U. Intelligence, Murdered November 6, 2001 (He broke down 911 on live radio June of 2001, telling Americans not to blame Osama Bin Laden because of an “Inside job coming from the United States Government”) “Satellites in orbit would be silly to use for any technology as weather would create havoc and create a communication meltdown.

You’d think that one of the “7 contributors” would have proof read the document.

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